Hiking with the Lockwood Foundation


Recently, Interstate 80 Production Management had the chance to work with an amazing non-profit local to Denver – The Lockwood Foundation. This team of volunteers and passionate individuals take turns carrying up the Trailrider, an adaptive device that allows those with mobility issues the chance to take in mountain views the rest of us take for granted.

Hiking and video are my biggest passions. And you can feel everyone else’s passion that day on the trail, too. Immediately I could tell it was going to be a great day. The energy was high and the volunteers knew they weren’t there just to help. They showed up to be a good example, to spread the word and let others know about the cause; to include someone in their favorite activity, meet new people and foster deeper connections; and – most importantly – just to have some fun. You don’t get days like this too often.


Want to help out? The Lockwood Foundation needs more than just people to push the Trailrider! Check out our video below, where Jeff explains what the volunteer needs are.


Check out The Lockwood Foundation’s website here. See you out on the trails!


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