A Reminder



                When life comes to a halt and it seems like it may never pick up again, we feel like we’re stuck in an endless loop of wait-and-see and maybes. It’s frightening and worrying to know that our entire world can change in an instant. We need to look after our homes and careers. Still, we can’t forget what motivates us. We can’t forget about that force that drives us to send our lives from every day normal to uniquely epic.

What brings me peace are the mountains. Dragging myself out of bed before the sun has a chance to rise. Long, peaceful drives through the mountains and to the trail. Crunching endless switchbacks through dense forests, alpine tundra, and the unforgiving, cold, and gray rock capping Colorado’s highest peaks. My reward is a personal one. At the end of the day, I know I’ve pushed my limits for the chance to take in views only so few can ever see. And transferring that beauty through the camera lens to inspire others to make their own journey.

                Unfortunately, our passions don’t pay the bills. They don’t put food on the table or gas in the tank. What it can give us are moments of light and the clarity to see, if only for a moment, what really matters and what we really want to get out of life. And when we look back, that’s the metric that will gauge if we’ve had a good life or not. And that will be what gets us through.

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