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Lights, Camera,(Audio), Action!

  All set up for a shoot! We can provide small, run and gun style productions in any location, to large scale, multi-camera shows in a studio or on location. We’ve got you covered with 4k cameras, teleprompters, professional audio and plenty of light!… Continue Reading “Lights, Camera,(Audio), Action!”

Update – Still Quarantined!

Looking forward to getting back out in the field. It’s only been a few weeks of this downtime but we’re ready to start engineering and running everything A/V. Stay safe out there and we’ll see you soon!

A Reminder

Staying Positive

Hiking with the Lockwood Foundation

  Recently, Interstate 80 Production Management had the chance to work with an amazing non-profit local to Denver – The Lockwood Foundation. This team of volunteers and passionate individuals take turns carrying up the Trailrider, an adaptive device that allows those with mobility issues… Continue Reading “Hiking with the Lockwood Foundation”

Super-wide LED walls – hard work pays off!

  More than 250 panels. 11 feet high. 50 feet wide. This beast of an LED wall went in for a production in Beaver Creek, CO. It took almost all day to set this up, set the curve, and program the panels. But it… Continue Reading “Super-wide LED walls – hard work pays off!”